About the LIST

The LIST (Land Information System Tasmania) is a whole-of-government online infrastructure that helps you find and use information about land and property in Tasmania.

The Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) is managed by Land Tasmania, a business unit of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania.

The key components of the LIST are:


LISTmap is a free, easy to use, online map application that allows people to view, create and share their own customised maps of Tasmania. LISTmap allows you to combine multiple layers (over 900) of information to create powerful images that communicate ideas, help with decision-making and encourage a better understanding of changes in the environment.

Properties and Titles

An online search facility that enables you to find and obtain a range of property and title information, including documents such as Folio Text, Folio Plans, Schedule of Easements, Survey Notes, Property Information Reports and Property Sales.


LISTdata (formerly called the Data and Services Directory) is a free, easy to use online data portal that helps you discover and use Tasmanian location-based information. It provides a central access point for discovering all options to connect to or download authoritative government data, including Open Data.

Common Operating Platform

The Common Operating Platform (COP) provides Tasmania's emergency service organisations with a single mapped view of shared information, for use in critical emergency incident planning and response activities.

Spatial web services

Integrate government location based data layers directly into your business systems and applications, via LIST’s REST-based web services.



For more information, please contact

LIST Help Desk
Phone: (03) 6165 4444
Email: listhelp@nre.tas.gov.au